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Tenuta Cucco, Serralunga d’Alba, Piedmont, Italy

Tenuta Cucco, Serralunga d’Alba, Piedmont, Italy

Tenuta Cucco is farmed on the principles of organic agriculture; the estate was certified organic in 2018. In the vineyards cut green manuring is practiced, to reinforce the vitality of the soil and the plants, and only natural products are used for the control of fungal diseases. The estate has reintroduced local tree species such as downy oak, hornbeam, field maples and wood-yielding cherry trees along the borders of some of our vineyards.

The Tenuta Cucco vineyards stand on the most ancient portion of the very ancient territory of Barolo – Serralunga d’Alba – implying an important privilege: an ideal altitude (about 420m asl) which ensures the best temperature for the ripening of the grapes. The vineyards range in age from 15 to over 50 years and the team chooses to cultivate a very low quantitative yield.

The other vineyards are located in the Menzione Geografica Aggiuntiva Bricco Voghera. The Barbera d’Alba comes from vineyards in the municipality of Roddi d’Alba, where the terrain is mostly composed of clay and pebbles, an ideal situation for the harmonious growth of this variety. The Barbera is also a cru, hailing from a single vineyard known as Elia.

The estate has produced Barolo at Serralunga d’Alba from 1967, Barolo Vigna Cucco since 1986, Menzione Cerrati since 1996, and Bricco Voghera since the vintage of 2017.

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