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Sohm & Kracher, Illmitz, Burgenland

Sohm & Kracher, Illmitz, Burgenland

Aldo Sohm, a multi-award-winning sommelier and TV star, was bitten by the wine bug at the age of 19, while visiting a vineyard in Italy. Many years later he joined famed New York restaurant Le Bernadin, then opened Aldo Sohm Wine Bar. He has created a Laguiole “winekey” and partnered with Zalto.

It was during a tasting in 2008 when he was asked by several winemakers to critique their wines that he found himself thinking “But I have never made wine!”, and here the idea of becoming a winemaker himself began. However, he did not want to leave the floor, so when Gerhard Kracher offered an opportunity to collaborate on a wine project in Sohm’s native Austria, the idea became a possibility. Kracher of Neusiedlersee in Austria’s Burgenland is reknowned as one of the world’s most consistent stars of sweet winemaking. In 2009, the pair released their first (dry) Grüner Veltliner; they now create four labels together.

For distribution in the UK.

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