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Domaine Jobard Morey, Meursault

Domaine Jobard Morey, Meursault

“One of Meursault’s most promising under-the-radar estates is Domaine Jobard-Morey, and it’s remarkable that these wines aren’t better known. These wines are already very good and armed with an enviable palette of appellations and an equally enviable patrimony of old vines. Valentin Jobard is clearly a name to watch.” – William Kelley,, February 2020.

Wine Source is delighted to partner with this stunningly good, yet still under-the-radar Burgundy domaine, although excitement is certainly growing amongst Burgundy lovers and critics alike. We have been following the work of Valentin Jobard since he took over from his uncle Rémi Ehret in 2015, and when we first tasted the 2018 wines from barrel, we were startled by the quality that leapt out of our tasting glasses; our notes were sprinkled with the simple excalamtion “wow!”. Our CEO Philippe Kalmbach declares that Jobard’s Meursault 1er Cru Poruzot was top wine of that vintage – from any estate.

For everyone who truly loves to experience Burgundy terroir and to get behind what makes this region tick, this one is not to be missed. The domaine is notable for its futuristic lack of marketing: the work is in the land and the detail is in the wine. We invite you to discover and urge you to start your journey with this domaine immediately, because we predict “allocation only” in the near future.


For distribution in the UK and USA.

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