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Distilleria Levi Serafino, Piedmont

Distilleria Levi Serafino, Piedmont

Romano Levi started distilling his first grappa and running the family business at the age of just 17, after his parents passed away. He dedicated his life to his Grappa in a seclusion that has been likened to that of a monk. “I didn’t choose this career”, he once said “I found myself tangled up with it out of necessity. It chose me and has held me prisoner for a long time now. I’m not even a connoisseur of grappa, I’m just one of its old prisoners, who is doing his best to survive. The best way to do this is to simply try and do my work very well.” His unique bottles of grappa, each with its instantly recognizable, hand-drawn labels, are collectors’ items. More so, perhaps, since Romano’s death in 2008, when his distillery was acquired by Distilleria Levi Serafino. Romano’s family has continued to create grappa with Romano’s winemaker of the last 20 years. As it always has been, pomace is taken from top local vineyards, including those of Angelo Gaja, and is distilled in a direct-fire pot still, only once. The result is a tiny quantity of beautiful tasting grappa, which is completely unique in every way.

For distribution in the UK only.

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