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Château Margaux, Margaux

Château Margaux, Margaux

We are enormously proud to announce that Wine Source now have direct access to the cellars of Château Margaux, the historic First Growth estate lauded by Thomas Jefferson in the late 18th Century as the finest of Bordeaux.

Tragedy befell the Château in 2016 with the very sad passing of technical director Paul Pontallier, who had been at the estate since 1983. The new era had commenced 7 years earlier when Andre Mentzelopoulos bought the then-neglected estate. Andre’s work to improve the Château was tragically cut short with his untimely death in 1980, but his daughter Corinne, at the tender age of 27, took over management of the estate, shrewdly hiring Paul Pontallier in 1983.  The pair formed a close relationship rarely seen between owner and winemaker in Bordeaux, and the glorious resurgence of the estate continued.

Château Margaux has hardly put a foot wrong since 1978, producing profound wines that are always the most graceful of the first growths – they impress with their perfect poise, clarity, elegance and exceptionally fine tannins.

The Château’s superbly detailed website, which includes a full history of the property, an explanation of all their winegrowing techniques, and a complete profile of each of their wines and how to serve them, can be found below:

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