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Champagne Roger Coulon, Vrigny

Champagne Roger Coulon, Vrigny

Eric and Isabelle Coulon and their children Edgar and Louise are the owners of this 10.8ha estate based in Vrigny, which counts over 100 well-selected parcels of older vines (averaging a positively geriatric – for Champagne – 38 years old) spread across the Petite Montagne premier cru villages of Vrigny, Coulommes-la-Montagne, Pargny-les-Reims and Villers-Allerand. Most of the vines are found mid-slope, exposed to the east, with soils varying from pure limestone chalk to deep sand over clay. Pinot Meunier, being suited to these sandier soils, is the historically dominant grape variety of Vrigny. Having lost his father early, Eric Coulon learned the job with his grandfather, who had always stayed true to ancestral methods of champagne growing. Working alongside his father Eric, Edgar, who previously worked for renowned Wine Source winemaker Philippe Pacalet in Burgundy, has brought his experience to help to create these wines of exceptional precision, expression and vinosity.

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