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Champagne Eric Rodez, Ambonnay

Champagne Eric Rodez, Ambonnay

The Rodez family has been growing grapes in Ambonnay since 1757, for more than nine generations. It was Eric’s grandfather who began to make Champagne from the family’s grapes, and Champagne Rodez was born. Eric is currently at the helm with his son Mickael at his side. The 6.5 hectares of vineyards, all in Ambonnay – where Eric acts as Mayor – are all Grand Cru; 62% Pinot Noir, and 38% Chardonnay. These chemical-free and low invention managed vineyards are famous for their superb Pinot Noir and this has become the defining characteristic of Rodez Champagne. Eric trained and worked at Krug from 1978 to 1984, where he developed his skills in blending and ageing. Eric Rodez works with wood in a different way to Krug: Krug vinifies its champagnes in wood, performing the elevage in inox, while Eric Rodez has begun to experiment with vinifinication in inox, with the final year of ageing being in wood. Rodez relies heavily on reserve wines and often blends anywhere from five to ten different vintages in his final cuvĂ©es. His fanatical attention to detail and drive to always learn more about terroir produces wines of incredible depth, texture and beauty, that give a glimpse in to the secret character of Ambonnay.

For distribution in Singapore only.

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