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Bordeaux En Primeur: 2022 Bordeaux, Launched Today

Inspired by our company’s goal to bring the finest wines directly to your table, Wine Source Group have successfully extended our reach right to the heart of Bordeaux. Our brand new boutique négociant 2 Rivers Negoce is the pinnacle of our founder’s dream to offer exclusive access to the world’s greatest Chateaux without compromising on quality and provenance.

Here at Wine Source, we think a little differently than most. While others are preparing for a monolithic set of 300+ EP releases, in the last few years we have worked behind the scenes so to gain direct access to the cellars of only the finest and greatest properties of Bordeaux.

Our 2022 En Primeur series will revolve around a shortlist of wines we take great pride in distributing to the four corners of the World. In the attached brochure read about our shortlist of Chateaux which will take centre stage in our upcoming En Primeur & Ex Cellar releases. We truly believe these are the most inspiring and moving wines produced in Bordeaux today, and we invite you to get closer to their vision via Wine Source, a trusted partner. You will soon discover you might be able to access something unavailable to others, both in quantity and quality of the relationship.

From their cellar, to your table, exclusively via Wine Source.

The Wine Advocate

“Everyone who has tasted the wines will agree that the quality and character of the 2022 vintage in Bordeaux is a surprise. How did conditions so extreme deliver wines of such aromatic range and freshness? How can wines of such density and structure exhibit such textural refinement and charm? It is also worth noting that the quality of second wines is especially high: so high that some estates such as Cheval Blanc, Giscours and Corbin elected not to produce them.”

Tasted April 2023