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Domaine Jobard-Morey: 2020 Vintage

Tasting Note

“One of Meursault’s most promising under-the-radar estates is Domaine Jobard-Morey, and it’s remarkable that these wines aren’t better known. These wines are already very good and armed with an enviable palette of appellations and an equally enviable patrimony of old vines. Valentin Jobard is clearly a name to watch.”

Domaine Jobard-Morey

Wine Source is delighted to highlight our partnership with this stunningly good, yet still under-the-radar 5.5 hectare Burgundy jewel. Domaine Jobard-Morey has taken on a new lease of life with Valentin Jobard at the helm, since 2016.

We are teaming up at a special time, offering what is a superb vintage for this family estate, amongst growing excitement from Burgundy lovers and critics alike. We urge you to start your journey with this domaine immediately, because we predict “allocation only” in the near future…

Wines offered are now in stock in the UK and ready for immediate delivery. With extremely limited quantities available, what are you waiting for?

“The Bourgogne Blanc is worth looking out for, as it comes from a small plot directly behind Meursault Clos des Perrières.”


We have been following the work of Valentin Jobard since he took over from his uncle Rémi Ehret in 2015, and when we first tasted the 2018 wines from barrel, we were startled by the quality that leapt out of our tasting glasses; our notes are peppered with the simple word “wow”.

It gives us the greatest pleasure to now be able to offer the 2020 vintage. Please do not hesitate to secure your allocation.

2020 Vintage


***Less than 5 cases of each cuvée available

Per Case of 6 Bottles (6 x 75cl)

Per Case of 6 Bottles (6 x 75cl)

Per Case of 6 Bottles (6 x 75cl)

Per Case of 6 Bottles (6 x 75cl)

Per Case of 6 Bottles (6 x 75cl)

Prices are stated In-Bond, GBP ex sales Tax
Limited quantities are available
Stock is ready for immediate delivery
Allocations are subject to availability & final confirmation
Payment is kindly required on invoice so to secure reservation.

Tasting Note

“All the whites manage to combine a rich depth of flavour with a degree of tension that keeps them fresh – helped by the significant proportion of old vines across the property, planted by Emile Jobard in the years after the Second World War.”

Domaine Jobard-Morey

Bourgogne Blanc “Derriere le Clos des Perrières” is a fascinating plot. Found just above the Clos des Perrières, Valentin believes it is not long before this plot will be classified, and he always shows it after the Meursault Villages in tastings. This site used to be a brownfield site belonging to Meursault town hall, and took the simple Bourgogne appellation when planted. It was offered for rent as a priority to the younger vigneron generation. On poor soils, 30cm deep with lots of rocks, the vines are still young, producing 2000-2200 bottles per year of extremely interesting wines. One to watch…

Vineyard: 0.55 hectares
This wine comes from a single plot near to the last houses before you leave the village for Puligny; the lieu dit is called “Les Pelles” and it produces 4000 bottles per year from its 45 year old vines. The soils are 80cm deep – this is deep! – clay, limestone and some gravel, profon, 80cm soils, arg calc and gravieres. This plot is always the first to require harvesting, the one that requires the least battonage, and according to Valentin it gives wine that is always appealing, accessible and pleasurable.

Vineyard: 0.45 hectares
This plot is found at a higher elevation than Narvaux, with more humidity. The vines are 40-45 years old, producing around 2100 bottles per year, like Charmes. The soil is clay-limestone, with 60cm of topsil. Valentin tells us this is a wine which always offers plenty of aromas; this and the Meursault Villages are the two of his wines which always instantly charm people.

Vineyard: 0.83 hectares
Valentin’s plot is found next to Genevrières, nearer to Puligny than Meursault, and according to him it is one of the most beautiful lieux dits of Meursault and his best “village” wine. On the day we spoke to him he could see all the way to Mont Blanc from its slope! At 1ha it is their biggest production, giving around 4500 bottles per year. The soil here is clay-limestone, with little stones.

Vineyard: 0.50 hectares
Not to be confused with 1er Cru Les Poruzots, the name comes from “lieu dit Poruzot” within the 11.42ha 1er Cru, 0.5 ha, 75 year old vines, on a slope so steep it is dangerous to work by tractor. The soils are clay over marine limestone, 30cm deep, creating powerful and opulent wines that are also mineraL and can be reductive in youth. Around 3000 bottles produced. Valentin loves this vineyard because he finds it always a pleasure to work, and for the quality of the grapes “elle est magique!”

Family History | Jobard-Morey

As I wrote last year, this is one of Meursault’s more promising under-the-radar estates, and the wines deserve to be better known. The young Valentin Jobard is cousins with Antoine and Rémi Jobard; his grandmother was Bernard Morey’s sister, and she married a Jobard after the Second World War, with 1949 marking the real beginning of this six-hectare domaine. Valentin’s grandfather, he speculates, worked with François Jobard’s father and may be the source of a shared approach to winemaking; but he died in 1980, and the domaine was left in a state of more or less benevolent neglect. Since taking the helm, Valentin has worked to rehabilitate the estate’s wines, cultivating the soils and trending in an organic direction. In 2020, he tells me, he had time to devote to even more manual labor: use of the “pioche” or pickaxe between vines, and severe debudding to limit yields.

His winemaking style is classical: whole bunches are pressed for more than three hours, settled overnight and barreled down with lots of lees in oak from Tonnelleries Rémond, Bethomieu and Ermitage, some 25% of which is new. They see one year in wood and two to three months in tank before bottling to digest any dissolved oxygen, but Valentin is experimenting with a full 24-month élevage in barrel. The wines have been closed with Diams since the 2008 vintage and go to bottle with 25 parts per million of free sulfur dioxide.