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Domaine La Rogerie, Alsace

Domaine La Rogerie, Alsace

When Justine Boxler and François Petit got together, they were both already custodians of fine heritages: the Boxler family has a long history of producing exceptional wine in Alsace, while François’ grandfather had begun making wine from his family’s vineyards in Champagne long before it was common for growers to do this. It is rare to find such a marriage of distinguished and diverse terroirs – and of young talent – yet the Petit-Boxlers themselves are humble. They say their role as vignerons is to promote the good life, and to celebrate the infinite variety of nature and people; a refreshing philosophy that speaks of conviviality and enjoyment. At the same time, this is a serious domaine – without being sacred. La Rogerie is a unique boutique producer with an exceptional terroir and vinous heritage behind it. The project is really only in its infancy; previous vintages were made in just a few hundred bottles. This is a domaine to be discovered and followed: Alsace – the source of some of the world’s most complex, exciting white wines – complements the Côtes des Blancs perfectly, the two brought together by the youth, energy and vision of the Petit-Boxlers.

Distribution in UK only.

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