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Champagne R. Pouillon & Fils, Mareuil-Sur-Äy

Champagne R. Pouillon & Fils, Mareuil-Sur-Äy

Founded in 1947, Champagne R. Pouillon & Fils is a family-run estate now managed by Fabrice Pouillon, a third-generation winemaker. Covering 7.7 hectares across 43 parcels in Vallée de la Marne, the estate focuses on sustainable viticulture with 65% Pinot Noir, 15% Chardonnay, and 20% Meunier, with vines averaging 45 years old.

Under Fabrice’s guidance since 1999, the estate practices organic farming, including horse plowing and the use of farm composts, while enhancing soil biodiversity through regenerative agriculture. They emphasize minimal intervention, with gentle pruning and selective harvesting based on phenolic ripeness, transported under refrigeration to preserve quality.

Their traditional press yields four distinct juices, each vinified separately, with fermentations using indigenous yeasts. The “Méthode Fabrice Pouillon,” unique to Champagne, avoiding adding sugars, using only the grapes’ natural sugars for the second fermentation. This method is applied to all their cuvées, including “Chemin du Bois,” “Grande Vallée,” “Rosé,” “Les Terres Froides,” “Le Montgruguet,” and “Solera.”

A clear emphasis on terroir expression and complexity characterize his tiny range of gourmand Champagne, which is still flying under the radar, trading at extremely fair prices within a closely-knit community of wine lovers who cherish Pouillon’s unique style and passion for winemaking.

Distributed in UK to private clients and on trade only.

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