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Champagne Le Chapitre by José Lievens, Berru

Champagne Le Chapitre by José Lievens, Berru

Champagne le Chapitre is made by one of the finest artisan growers in Champagne, José Lievens. All the grapes are from his own low-intervention farmed vineyards and are vinified in his own winery. José is a renowned wine maker in the region and is particularly well known for his knowledge and skill with his terroir. He is the only récoltant-manipulant in Berru, a beautiful, peaceful village just east of Reims; he owns 17ha of vineyards in total, most of which are farmed chemical-free, with José working towards converting the whole estate to complete sustainability. José practises sustainable wine-making aimed at reinforcing the positive impact of grapevine cultivation on the environment, while reducing its negative impacts. He allows the growth of natural ground cover crops to counter erosion in the vineyards, strictly limits the use of sprays, and ensures efficient ecological and economical management in the winery thanks to modern equipment, energy-saving facilities and careful management of waste. The Le Chapitre brand was created by the Wine Source team with José; it is exclusive to Wine Source Group.

Distribution in UK, USA and Singapore only.
*Photo credit Leif Carlson

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