Storage & Delivery

Wine Source is able to offer storage of your wine at Octavian Vaults in Wiltshire and next day delivery (when ordered before midday) from your reserves there. Impeccable provenance and faultless storage have become the greatest factors in ensuring a wine's future, both in terms of quality and in term of holding its value in today's fine wine market. Octavian Vaults are best placed to provide this due to their exceptional storage conditions and experience. They are the absolute benchmark in fine wine storage. 

Octavian Vaults

Octavian's Corsham Cellars are located in a unique space, 100ft below ground in Wiltshire hills. The cavernous space measuring 1 million square feet was originally used for the storage of munitions due to its remarkable conditions: constant temperature, controlled humidity, and a complete absence of natural light and vibration. In the late 1980s Octavian saw the opportunity for wine storage at the site and invested heavily to adapt the space. Today, it is widely recognized as the world's largest and best storage facility.


Annual cost for storage £9.00 per case of 6 / 12 bottles (ex. VAT)
Cost for bond-to-bond warehouse transfer £25.00 (ex. VAT)
Cost for home delivery* £25.00 (ex. VAT)
UK Duty to be paid (on Bonded Wines) £2.17 per 75cl bottle of still wine; £2.78 per 75cl bottle of sparkling wine
VAT to be paid (on sum of original purchase price of bonded wines + prevailing duty) 20%
* Charges will vary for deliveries outside southern England