Grand Mayan Tequila

An expression of Mexico’s rich history and it’s deepest traditions, Grand Mayan Tequila is produced in the heart of Jalisco, in the town of Tesistan. Only the finest blue agave hearts are used to make this small batch Tequila. Growing for 10 or more years in the ancient soils of the central highlands before being harvested by hand, these agave give Grand Mayan rich tropical fruit aromas and a classic spicy agave backbone. After a triple distillation, the Tequila rests for five years in American Oak casks; mellowing and gaining a distinct mahogany colour and complex flavours of nuts, vanilla and dark chocolate through the slow and magical interplay between spirit and wood. Bottled in hand-painted decanters, each bottle is a truly unique work of art; a beautifully fitting resting place for an amazing spirit.

For distribution in the UK and France only.

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