Champagne Henri Giraud, Ay

Champagne Henri Giraud is one of the oldest family run Champagne houses in the region, tracing their direct line in the Grand Cru village of Äy back to 1625. Very much a boutique house, production here is a fraction of even the smaller growers in the region. Robert Parker wrote: “This may be the finest Champagne house virtually no one has ever heard of. These traditionally made, wood-aged Champagnes (are…) reminiscent of Krug in a slightly less oxidized style.”

In the early 1990s Claude Giraud was keen to reinvent his family’s wines and so looked to the past for inspiration, he found it in the form of the Argonne forest’s long forgotten and ancient oaks. Claude commissioned years of study and trials with foresters and coopers in the region, before taking the step of vinifying and ageing his wines in oak and launching his prestige, vintage cuvée 'Fût de Chêne'. The oak is exceptionally well integrated, thanks to full vinification in barrel rather than just ageing, and also due to Giraud’s skill in choosing the right oak trees for the right wines. This matches the natural depth given by the Äy Grand Cru terroir and Pinot Noir dominance in his wines.
For distribution in the UK only.

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