Domaine Séguinot Bordet, Maligny

An old and respected family winery, Séguinot-Bordet are located on the right bank of the Serein. The Kimmeridgian clay soils in this area contain high levels of marine fossils, said to be responsible for the local wines' subtle iodine-like character.

Domaine Séguinot-Bordet dates from 1590, meaning that the current proprietor Jean-François Bordet is the 13th generation of the family business. Most of his vineyards are Petit Chablis or Chablis, with the jewel in the crown being a slice of Fourchaume, one of the finest of the premier cru vineyards.

Jean-François has installed a brand new winery in Maligny and established a strict viticultural regime in the vineyards, with cropping levels reduced and the Chardonnay harvested later. With the exception of the Grand Cru, all the wines are cool fermented and matured on lees in stainless steel to achieve fresh, clean fruit with a luscious style in wines which fully express both the fruit and terroir.

Their signature Chablis comes from the Fourchaume vineyard, which they part own. With demand for their product at an all-time high, Séguinot-Bordet have had to start allocating their elegantly expressive, benchmark wines.

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