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Welcome to the latest edition of the Wine Source UK newsletter where we'll take a whistle stop tour through the highlights of 2018, and whet your appetite for what’s in store in 2019.   Last year we welcomed to London a beautiful gang of producers – both old friends and new.


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Every visit was an utter pleasure – and of course we don’t have favourites – but two events stood out as highlighting what it is that makes our producers special: the Champagne Eric Rodez x Domaine Prieuré Roch happening, and the Wine Source Portfolio Tasting.

SAVE THE DATE for the 2019 Portfolio Tasting: Monday 2nd September.



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We are delighted to announce our exclusive partnership with Champagne Guillaume S, launching on 12th February 2019.

This is the first time ever these stunning champagnes will be supplied to the UK. 

Guillaume Selosse is stepping up to take over the running of Champagne Jacques Selosse, which will make him a boss, a grower and a negociant - the latter two for Champagne Guillaume S label, his separate personal project. There are two single vineyard cuvées. Au Dessous De Gros Mont is from Guillaume’s own vineyard in the northeastern part of Cramant, Avize Grand Cru, given to him by his grandmother for his 18th birthday. Largillier is made from pinot noir grapes bought from his friend Jérôme Coessens in Côtes des Bar specifically because Guillaume wanted to make a blanc de noirs champagne. Quantities are tiny: just 84 bottles are at present available for the market...




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