Wine Source UK exclusive: The Mascot by Will Harlan

We are thrilled to announce that Wine Source UK has been appointed exclusive agent for The Mascot, the new wine from Will Harlan.

The Mascot offers a glimpse into the evolution of the Harlan family winegrowing estates; it is made from the younger vines of Harlan Estate, BOND, and Promontory - vines that have all the pedigree of the land, and will one day be considered for these "first growths" of the Harlan family estates.

Jay McInerney writes in The Wall Street Journal “The Mascot is a more affordable version of Harlanesque hedonism… but by no means a pale imitation”. It is a bold, rich, full-bodied red, expressive and approachable, with the potential to evolve well into the future.

This is the first time The Mascot has been released in the UK, and we are delighted to partner with Will Harlan to launch the brand.

We have been given access to a small quantity of 2009, which has been kept back exclusively for us; we are delighted to offer it today.  It is only the second vintage of the wine to be commersialised.

Globally, The Mascot is in extremely high demand, as are all of the wines of the Harlan family estates. 


2009 The Mascot, Napa Valley @ £540 in bond per 6 bottles

Wine available for delivery December 2016

Tasting Notes: 2009 was a temperate year with spells of warmth but free of extremes. This lengthy growing season cooled as we approached to harvest, embracing morning fog and moderate temperature throughout the picking. The resulting wines have a higher degree of density and flesh than the previous year, with aromatics more in the vein of dark fruit, spice, and earth. With a more masculine tannin structure, the 2009 will age very well over the next twenty to twenty-five years.


To celebrate our partnership with The Mascot, we will be hosting a private client dinner with Will Harlan on Thursday 15th December. This promises to be a popular event: please contact or as soon as possible to book your ticket.

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