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The origins of Champagne Henri Giraud date back to 1625... The Hémart family, contemporaries of Henri IV and his descendants, settled permanently in the town of Aÿ in the early 17th century. The family history is deeply rooted in Aÿ and became closely related to the extraordinary destiny of Champagne from the 18th century onwards.

In the early 1900s, Léon Giraud, Cavalryman in the Battle of the Marne, married Lady Hémart and set upon rebuilding the beautiful family vineyards, which had been devastated by phylloxera. Today, Claude Giraud, the 12th generation of the Giraud-Hémart family, is at the helm and presides over this “Maison de Champagne” (UMC member) whose iconic vintage cuvée is named "Argonne".

Building on the three historical pillars of the Maison Henri Giraud (Aÿ Grand Cru, Pinot Noir and barrels from the Argonne forest), Claude Giraud has since 1990 reconnected with Champagne’s past and started crafting again oak barrels from Argonne, the famous Champagne forest located about 35 miles east of Reims. This oak forest is where for more than ten centuries the famous barrels of Champagne came from.

Every year, international experts meet in the Maison’s ‘Ateliers’ to understand the impact of different terroirs and geological composition of the soil of the forest on the taste and texture of the wines. Salinity, intensity and aromatic complexity of Champagne Henri Giraud make it one of the jewels of excellence of the region. With only 250,000 bottles produced, including only a few thousands for its vintage cuvées, these Champagnes are now sought after by collectors and fine wine lovers from all corners of the world.

Claude Giraud of Champagne Henri Giraud, comments: “Our family is pleased to be represented by a company so clearly aligned with our own business philosophies. Providing Henri Giraud wines directly from our historical winery located in Aÿ assures the provenance Wine Source Group guarantees and their clients have come to expect.”

Philippe Kalmbach, CEO of Wine Source Group, comments, “We are very happy to be working with Champagne Henri Giraud and look forward to distributing these great wines to the best restaurants & private cellars in the UK. This is a significant step forward for The Group as we believe our partnerships with preeminent Houses, Domaines & Châteaux to be central to our credentials.”

Wine Source Group is a global source of Fine Wine and Spirits with impeccable provenance. We are customer led and put great emphasis on providing a faultless global service with localized expertise – thanks to our offices in London, Paris, New York, Macau & Singapore.

Further services offered by the Group include cellaring, investment advice and a global events program.

For more information or to buy Henri Giraud wines, please contact us at:

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