Bollinger Rd 1982 Extra Brut & Les Enchanteleurs 1996 Henriot

We had the opportunity of trying a bottle of Les Enchanteleurs 1996 from Henriot followed by Bollinger RD 1982 Extra Brut.

The Henriot which is a blend of 50% Pinot Noir 50% Chardonnay, had a deep golden colour, a nose which was buttery with lemon curd, showing good depth and a lot of freshness. It was a superb champagne.

We opened after that the Bollinger RD 1982 Extra Brut, dominated by pinot noir with a touch of Chardonnay. 

The RD (recently disgorged) signature in this case was dating back to 1997, so nothing that recent anymore in that process, 15 years to make the wine, and another 15 in the bottle, quite a promising experience.

The colour, like Henriot was very intense, clearly golden, the mousse was very fine but more intense than the one on Les Enchanteleurs. We were drinking the champagne in the Baccarat collection champagne glass, which is very elegant and produces a beautiful crystal noise when you make a toast.  

The RD mouth was balancing gunmetal, white flowers and a light fruit chutney. It was made of layers over layers of complexity. The 1982 champagne have this kind of dry finish, where you wonder if they are getting oxidised but actually it is more a signature of the vintage. Overall, we loved it, it is a typical Bollinger signature wine and if you love vibrant and strong pinot noir champagne this is one not to be missed.

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