Wine Source Group Opening Singapore Office

Wine Source Group, a rapidly expanding global sourcing company for fine wine and spirits, opens its Singapore office. The Group set up its first office in Paris in 2004, as a négociant-style sourcing operation. In December 2010, the London office was set up to provide the Group’s first distribution ‘hub’ servicing both trade and private clients. London will remain the global Headquarters.

The Group’s focus is to source fine wine and spirits for Luxury Hotels, Restaurants and Private Clients around the world. The wine selection is entirely customer led - the company will not be selling from stock - and will principally be sourced directly from the Châteaux or Domaines.  The emphasis is on quality and, therefore, the provenance of the product. In addition, the Group has exclusive distribution rights for prestigious agencies such as Domaine Prieuré Roch (Burgundy.)

Philippe Kalmbach, CEO of Wine Source Group comments, “Our aim has been to look at the Fine Wine Market with fresh thinking. We have created a simple model that allows us to provide an increasingly global market with fine wine and spirits with assured traceability. We have already seen an encouraging response in Europe and the opening of our Singapore office is the beginning of an exciting new chapter.”

As part of the business model, Wine Source Group has set up an MFSA regulated Wine Fund – one of only a handful in the world. The fund provides a further unique element to the business model and the wines within it will contribute to the Group’s sourcing ‘ecosystem.’  

Wine Source Group has put great emphasis on its local teams with the aim of providing a faultless global service with localized expertise. Further services offered by the Group include cellaring, investment advice and a global eventsprogram. For more information, please see and twitter @wine_source 


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