Chateau Grillet 1989: Perfection!

Recently returned from condrieu, one of our favourite white wine regions.  If truth be told, we are completely besotted by the plot of land, south of Ampuis, occupied by Chateau Grillet. 

We had the good fortune to hunt down a bottle of 1989. Wow! White wine of the year. Decanted and chilled, it took about 15 minutes to open up. We needed to remain attentive and balance the coolness, too cool and it closed down very quickly.   This is a wine which needs to show its glory, and glorious it became.  Light golden robe, rich smooth and lean. Honeysuckle, acacia, dried fruits, apricots and subtle tropical and floral. This wine does not plod, great mineral undertone and decent dollops of acidity; it is light of foot and perfectly balanced and on the night in great harmony.   


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