Vertical Tasting at Chateau Petit Village Pomerol 2000-2011

Courtesy of Axa Millesimes we had the opportunity of trying a vertical of Chateau Petit Village from 2011 going back in time to 2000.

2011 is still very tight and unlike many other wines of that vintage which were very open, this one will have to wait a little while before truly revealing itself.

2010 was impressive and perhaps the best wine of the tasting: it showed a remarquable complexity, a lot of depth, elegance and if you are looking to put a great wine in your cellar for the future, this is the one.

2009 was more robust than 2010, overall very good but will lack the sophistication in the future of the 2010, this comment applies from what I have tasted this week for most Chateaux in Bordeaux.

2008 was still closed and austere.

2007 was round and modern, generous on the fruit, easily drinkable now and a good price value on a wine list.

2006, this vintage is opening up nicely for all the wines I have tasted recently, it is actually a much better vintage than anticipated, making for wines where the tannins are present, they are not as powerful as the 2009 but demonstrate actually a nice depth, the Petit Village was shining there and should be ready after 1h of decanting ideally and is definitely one to consider for the next 2 years.

2005 a classic, last wine made at the property by Michel Rolland, whose style is very defined as more on the fruit and lighter body, the 2005 was definitely a very nice wine, but I would rather list the 2006 on a list as being more exciting.

2004 was ready and smooth, nice wine, totally mature and to be enjoyed now - a pleasant bottle even if a bit too approachable. 

2003 is rich and lacking finesse, a certain style.

2002 definitely open , slightly grassy, nice acidity still remaining but in a well integrated mouth. good value for money and a bit like the 2004, one to consider now in the good value for money deals.

2001 nice length, more body than 2004 and 2002, the vintage seems to open up now, good but if similar in price opt for the 2006, you will get more satisfaction from your bottle.

2000 this vintage is really showing all its grace now, a great vintage that resembles the 2005 in classical signature. 

A great tasting at Petit Village with a very friendly team, and clearly a real love for their vines and their work.

A great moment.

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